1. Future investment that makes sense

Klosterbad is not a new creation on the green meadow, but historical, authentic and timelessly real, an investment in the health of people and the region with an extraordinary note and lasting value.

2. Increasing health awareness

Waisach benefits from the increasing demand for meaningful recreational and health offers and the trend towards monastery medicine (naturopathy). This is what an expert team of therapists and trainers stands for.

3. Easy access by train and bus

The medical wellness center is connected to all public transport networks via the Greifenburg / Weißensee train station and is located directly on the Weißensee road. This ensures that the frequency and capacity utilization match right from the start.

4. Sustainable health tourism

Waisach is not a major project, but a manageable and social investment in future health. With Klosterbad you not only invest in quality of life, but also in the preservation of historical architecture and the promotion of sustainable tourism.

5. Value creation for the region

Unlike hotels, guesthouses and holiday homes, which are often empty for weeks or months, the therapy and training facilities in Waisach ensure year-round, constant occupancy and thus added value for the local industry and the region.

„Klosterbad Waisach so guarantees a high return of invest, and even more a high return of life.“