The therapy program in Waisach is based on the classic 4-temperament teaching of monastery medicine and Traditional European Medicine (TEM), which is being rediscovered today and has not lost any of its validity.

PURE HEALTH is the innovative re-interpretation of Traditional European Medicine through personalized spa treatments and kitchen menus tailored to each individual temperament type.

blood type

The lively but at the same time susceptible sanguine type (blood type) needs good grounding (regrounding) in order to maintain or restore his balance.

yellow bile type

The focused but at the same time stressed choleric (yellow bile type), on the other hand, needs relaxation in order to relieve stress and pressure..

black bile type

The sensitive but at the same time inhibited melancholic (black bile type) needs new courage (inspiration) to approach life lively again.

slime type

The calm but at the same time sluggish phlegmatic (slime type), on the other hand, needs energy impulses (stimulation) to get going again.

Training and treatment

Nutritional advice and personality development
Health education, sport and exercise
Water, air and sleep cures
Body & Mind Tracking
Burnout prevention
Stress reduction

Spa menu based on temperament

In Waisach, every guest receives his own personal, tailor-made spa, exercise and nutrition menu. The basis for this are an in-depth survey, an examination as well as computer-aided analyzes and evaluations.

Typical applications

Anamnesis: questionnaire, pulse, tongue > selection of the right wellness treatments
TEM tracking: accompaniment, change, correction, reinforcement, motivation
Bloodletting: anamnesis, bloodletting, blood test and advice (medical supervision)

TEM treatments such as various healing massages, foot reflexes, oil treatment, body work, heart meditation, TEM exercises for fascia, spine, etc. as well as the whole range of hydrotherapy.