With Klosterbad Waisach a dream comes true. An inconspicuous baroque ensemble on the Drau river will be transformed into a year-round medical wellness center … for the contemporary interpretation of traditional monastery medicine. This mental and vital center appeals to modern ascetics as well as healthy individualists and people in search for meaning.

In the listed area, all rooms will be reactivated as they were originally used. The 60-meter-long cloister corridors will be exposed again, the former monk cells will be revitalized as sleeping chambers and therapy rooms, the refectory will be converted into a herbal school, the cellar rooms into a water chapel.

The courtyard and garden will be lowered and serving as an atrium, with a medicinal swimming pool in the center around which relaxation and therapy rooms, bathing rooms and tuff stone gallery are grouped, framed by new extensions to the east and west, in which modern rooms, a conference and yoga room as well the pilgrimage center are located.

Towards the Weissensee-Road protected by a covered arcade with a viewing slit, this atrium will unfold its entire mysticism under the old tuff stone walls. A garage will also be built below the reception area and restaurant so that the outdoor areas can remain car-free and green.

The top floor is also being expanded in order to gain sufficient space to accommodate guests in therapy and training. The historic roof structure will be integrated into the room layout, as will historical lark floors, coffered doors and windows on the lower floors.

5,000 sqm. of usable space will ultimately be available for visitors, guests and employees, plus twice as much outside space in gardens, leisure facilities and parking lots. Access and exit are easy via main road, which will be expanded for pedestrians and cyclists.